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Why BuySafe

Post circuit-breaker/lockdown/MCO, businesses will be confronted with a very different operating environment.

Regulatory compliance, and as importantly, customer expectation, will demand innovative and hygiene-centric approaches to service.

These are not impediments to re-launching your business; they should be welcomed as proactive, cost-saving and customer-friendly innovations.

Is your business ready?

Some new requirements will be:

  • Health Declarations (HD).
  • Capturing specific customer information in compliance with contact-tracing regulations.
  • Contactless product and service catalogues.
  • Contactless payments.
  • Option to receive digital receipt rather than paper.

Safeguard your customers and your business.

How does BuySafe Work?

BuySafe is a bespoke solution. All the above elements are provided for your customers, via their own device, from the moment arrive at your business. And it all starts with a QR code.

No App Required!

Once the QR code is scanned (via a point-of-entry poster, a table stand, or even a business card from your Associates), a schedule of options appears on their device, via a mobile browser

All fields are customisable.

Options can be modified, reduced, or added.

Importantly, no option is enabled until the 1st screen (likely Health Declaration or Contact Tracing) is completed.

This 1st prerequisite, mandatory each time customers visit, has self-populating fields for those queries that are not likely to change (name, mobile tel, email).

Once all fields are populated and submitted, the customer receives a confirmation and is invited to check in (or amend the information in case of error).

Once the customer has checked in, a new screen appears allowing complete interaction with your business.

What does DineSafe do?

For your Customers

Absolute minimisation the need to touch anything.

All interaction with your products, services, promotions, and communication done via their own device.

Better engagement with your business, with up-to-the-minute news on your products, services, promotions, etc.

Direct and instantaneous access to communications and information links about your business (contact forms, social media links, etc).

Other suggested menu options (post check-in):

  • Your own app download link.
  • Loyalty Programme (if applicable).
  • Standard social media links (FB, IG, Google, TT, Trip Advisor, et al).
  • Receive digital receipts of purchase (optional).

For your Business

Exceeding customer expectation in terms of new demands on hygiene.

A more dynamic, interactive relationship with your customer.

Significant cost savings on printing.

Freeing up your Associates’ time.

Real-time updating should a item become unavailable or added.

Dynamic elements (Wi-Fi codes, current promos, even operating hours) can be done in real time.

Alerts sent in real time should crowd size quotas near capacity.

Links to your social media.

Customer preference profiles for future marketing strategies, and surprise and delight initiatives.

What we Provide

Complete design, customisation, installation and hosting.

Back-end intranet dashboard where you can update all elements in real time, from your business location, or externally.

Complete reporting suite on all aspects of BuySafe. Some examples:

  • How many customers required digital receipts?
  • How many used the feedback form option.
  • How many enrolled in your loyalty programme.
  • Engagement via social medias.


All the technology that drives BuySafe is proprietary; we build it, maintain it, and host it, all from Singapore.

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