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Touch-free customer engagement

Post circuit-breaker/lockdown/MCO, F&B businesses will be confronted with a very different operating environment.

Regulatory compliance, and as importantly, customer expectation, will demand innovative and hygiene-centric approaches to service.

DineSafe gives you and your customers a safe, fast platform to register their visit with complete interactivity (menus, Wifi passwords, social media, etc).

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Touch-free customer engagement

Like it’s close relative DineSafe, BuySafe has been created to ensure regulatory compliance, and as importantly, customer expectation in terms of innovative and hygiene-centric approaches to interacting with your business and products.

BuySafe gives you and your customers a safe, fast platform to engage with your products and services directly from their own device.

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Frequent Customer
(Loyalty) Programmes

Identify, reward, and track. Our systems help you monetise dormant data and analyse existing data to evaluate real customer value.

Web-enabled (no external installations required) and integrates seamlessly with your POS and PMS systems.

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Charge Card

For your most valuable guests, or Residents in the case of mixed-use properties. Our charge card programmes give “city ledger” access to these customers, incentivising them to use your facilities (restaurants, sporting, spa, etc) rather than others in your vicinity.

Fully-automated statements of accounts sent each month, plus daily (or any time frame desired) journal reports to Finance for reconciliation and audit.

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Points and Rewards

Points awarded on transactions in your restaurant or other facilities; rewards redeemed online against points accrued, or directly at point-of-sale (POS).

SMS messages sent to your members after each visit confirming points awarded or redeemed.

E-voucher system fully integrated, redeemed directly at POS.

Statements of account transmitted automatically on the 1st of each month.

Comprehensive, automated reporting sent to all relevant departments detailing points earned, spent, residual balances, expiry dates, etc.

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Digital Marketing

Newsletters, tactical digital pieces, celebration messages (e.g. birthdays) or even statements of account for points/rewards and charge card programmes.

All elements on the same system, fully automated, with full reporting to evaluate open rates, bounces, click-through’s, etc.

We can even create target groups for your marketing messages based on menu items, check spend, date ranges, etc, direct from your POS!

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Management Systems

We filter, de-duplicate, collate and manage all data in one system, so you can analyse, extract, segment and communicate in the one place.

Comprehensive, automated reports on all activity and content.

No more Excel files sitting in silos spread across your organisation.